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March Fourth

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Several years ago my sister, Gloria, sent me the following poem. I was born on March Fourth so this poem was significant to me not only because it was my birthday but also because it reminded me of the commitment and hard work it took to build my business in the early days. Because it is special to me I want to share it with you today.

March Fourth!

We all love Christmas. Halloween is scary sweet.

I’m thankful for Thanksgiving, Boy how we eat.

Then there’s our birthday, which is really fun.

New Year’s Eve is festive but we’re a little tired come January One.

Easter is delightful! Fourth of July fireworks are great!

There's St. Patrick’s, Presidents, Valentines, Veterans, Labor,

Columbus, Flag, Fathers, Mothers, Martin Luther King, . . .

How do we keep track of all of these darn dates?

When I look at my one year calendar,

March Fourth is my favorite day.

Nothing special happened in history.

It’s just what that day has to say!

When you have problems, March Forth!

When things don’t work out, March Forth!

When bad things happen, March Forth!

When you lose, March Forth!

When anything can happen March Forth says it all.

If something does happen,

Get up, brush off, and March Forth,

Because we’re all bound to fall.

–Ande Rasmussen

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