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Day 2: Hiking My Camino de Santiago

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

July 21, 2018

We left the albergue at Roncesvalles this morning but not before I had the opportunity to talk to some individuals running it. It turns out that at this particular time the staff of volunteers all come from the Netherlands. They were kind and helpful and I thanked and hugged everyone I could.

We had breakfast but lost Philipp since he started walking while we had breakfast. It was raining so we put our ponchos and rain gear on. It turns out that I got ahead of everyone in my party when they stopped at a supermarket.

It was fine because it gave me time to reflect on the journey here on the Camino de Santiago and to think of those who asked me to keep someone in prayer.

Today’s walk made me think of my farming and ranching roots as I walked through pastures that held cattle or sheep. It was amazing to think that pilgrims have walked this path for centuries.

It also reminded me of a pet peeve whose foundation has roots in my father’s influence. Dad always took care of a neighbor’s property whether he borrowed something or whether we herded cattle across someone’s property. So I was a little disappointed when I would see a gate in the fence for the pilgrims’ convenience that was not securely closed as it meant livestock could potentially escape. All I could do was hope the pilgrim behind me would close it securely like I had.

At about the halfway mark of today’s journey I waited at a cafe for the rest of the group. Julia, Astrid, and Tanja eventually showed up. Petra and Szandra did not appear so the four of us continued to Zubiri. The good news is that Petra and Szandra reconnected with us in Zubiri.

Along the way Stéphane from France joined us. It turns out Stéphane had lost his wallet along the way while taking a rest. A few miles later he realized he lost it and walked back asking people he met if they had seen it. Word spread like wildfire and eventually Stéphane was reunited with his wallet that was picked up by another pilgrim. I don’t know if there is Pilgrim’s code but that pilgrim exemplified the best of humanity and left the rest of us feeling good. Over dinner it is amazing how many stopped and asked about the wallet.

We were also joined by Igor from Poland. So while our party has lost Philipp we may have picked up Stéphane and Igor.

I also met my first Americans today. They were having dinner while we were. When they saw the Nebraska t-shirt they inquired where I was from. It turns out Cary and Linda were from Wisconsin. They actually started their pilgrimage approximately 30 days ago in France and they plan on going to Santiago de Compostela, too.

By the way, today’s walk was 15.39 miles. And the photo you see is the bridge as we entered Zubiri.

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See additional photos from July 21st below:

Brief descriptions of the photos:

  1. There was a light rain to start so everyone put on their rain gear. This is part of the trail leaving Roncesvalles.

  2. Walking through the village of Burguete

  3. A church in the village of Burguete

  4. The trail leaving Burguete

  5. We walked through pastures of cattle and sheep

  6. One of the many markers we watched for to make sure we were on the right trail

  7. Two pilgrims on the trail to Santiago de Compostela

  8. Part of the trail on today's walk

  9. Part of the trail on today's walk

  10. This is one of many memorials we would see along the trail.

  11. Part of today's trail

  12. Part of today's trail

  13. This stop sign was along today's trail. Obviously, we loved the sense of humor of the person who wrote "Don't" and "Walking" above and below "Stop." DON'T STOP WALKING was our charge. And we didn't stop walking.

  14. Part of today's trail

  15. Part of today's trail

  16. We stopped at a refreshment stand along today's trail and noticed this sign with underwear in it. "Looking for a husband or wife? Leave here your underwear. Magic Works!!" You can see the photo of a bride and groom and numerous pieces of underwear. They claimed that it works. FYI, I did not leave my underwear behind.

  17. Part of today's trail

  18. The bridge to Zubiri as we entered the village

  19. An image of the bridge into Zubiri after dinner

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