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Day -88: Preparing for My Camino de Santiago

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

April 22, 2018

In preparation for my Camino de Santiago beginning in July, I completed a training hike of 11.22 miles. I started at Swains Lock and walked to Violettes Lock on the C&O Canal.

I am posting this image out of respect to my friend, Pete. Pete joked and said my trip wasn't official until I booked my flight. Of course, I jokingly argued that it was official ever since 2016 when I told my sister the twins had to spend their summer with me in 2017. In honor of Pete, I am announcing that the flight has been booked. I depart from Washington Dulles International Airport on July 17th and fly to Paris. I return to Dulles from Madrid in time for Nebraska's 1st football game of the 2018 season. Obviously, I have my priorities established. Thanks, Pete!

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