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Day 47: Life after My Camino de Santiago

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

September 4, 2018

Today is the day after Labor Day and is my first day back in the office. Since I don't have any meetings I decided to walk to the office. Big Mistake. The humidity in the DC area is high so I wasn't exactly comfortable walk in pants, shirt, and a tie, and I worked up a sweat.

Nevertheless, I am still grateful for my Camino de Santiago. It was the best experience of my life, and I suspect it will continue to have an impact on me.

Buen Camino!

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See additional photos from September 4th and 5th below:

Brief descriptions of the photos:

  1. This is me with my Tilley hat, Camino t-shirt and facial hair.

  2. This is me with half of my face shaved.

  3. This is me on September 5th without any facial hair.

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