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Day 7: Hiking My Camino de Santiago

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

July 26, 2018

If you hadn’t figured it out by now, I had a great day on the Camino de Santiago even though it was hot and the distance was long. In fact, I walked 18.8 miles from Los Arcos to Logrono.

I hope you forgive me but I lied yesterday. I didn’t pass the 100 mile threshold yesterday but did today. Door-to-Door I have now walked over 115 miles in seven days.

The photo I have included is of the village of Sansol with the early morning sun. I am completely amazed by the number of small villages, the number of BIG church buildings in these villages, and how close they are together.

I walked through a lot of farmlands and vineyards today. In some, the wheat and oats has been harvested. In others it is still waiting for the harvest.

I walked part of the trail with Sylvia from Italy, Sandra from London, and Rada from Italy.

However, I want to comment on a question Rob from the Netherlands asked me yesterday. It is a good question and a question most pilgrims ask each other. What is your goal? I have met some pilgrims who are dealing with loss and others who are searching for purpose. Their goal may very well be dealing with those issues.

In my case, this is something I have wanted to do for many years. And I think Rob expected me to say my goal is to get to Santiago de Compostela or something very tangible.

I told him that is not my goal because I believe the Camino will continue to influence me for weeks, months, or years after I get home. My goal is to be present and open to all possibilities. I don’t think the Camino ends.

It makes me think about discussions we have with clients about their goals. Retirement is always one of them and should be. I certainly want to retire someday or at least have a goal to make work optional. Retirement, in this case, is Santiago. You reach Santiago, now what. The really big goals are about legacy and purpose. So I want to always be open to legacy and purpose on this trip and for years to come.


P.S. After the tremendous response to yesterday's video, I created a short video while I was walking today. In it I told my Facebook friends that I would create periodic ASK GORDON videos where I would answer any questions that people posted in the comment section of that Facebook post. I copied all of the Facebook comments to the YouTube video you see here.

P.P.S. After dinner in Logrono I was walking back to my room and walked through a nearby plaza to be given the gift of an outdoor concert. One of my Facebook friends said the piece I recorded was "Franz von Suppé , Poet and Peasant - Overture written in 1846." Enjoy!

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See additional photos from July 26th below:

Brief descriptions of the photos:

  1. Here are arrows and a marker along the trail pointing pilgrims in the right direction.

  2. Here is a view of the village of Sansol from the trail before I enter it.

  3. Here are rocks left by pilgrims along an arrow pointing pilgrims in the right direction.

  4. Here is a wheat field along the Camino de Santiago.

  5. Here is a view of the village of Torres del Rio from the trail.

  6. Here is a church in the village of Torres del Rio.

  7. Here is a view from the trail of the Camino de Santiago.

  8. There was a man offering refreshments along the trail who created these rock formations.

  9. There was a man offering refreshments along the trail who created these rock formations.

  10. Here I am standing next to the rock formations.

  11. Here is a view from the trail.

  12. Here is a view from the trail.

  13. Here is a view of Viana from the trail.

  14. Here are several pilgrims in Viana. This contained four things every pilgrim cherished during the extreme heat we faced. Those four things were shade, breeze, water, and a bench. Standing at the water fountain is Rada.

  15. Here are pilgrims walking through Viana.

  16. Here is a busy street in Viana

  17. Here is the entrance to a church in Viana.

  18. Here is a marker and arrows along the trail. Note the snails on the marker. I don't know how they survive the extreme heat.

  19. I loved this piece of graffiti of a scallop shell with the words "Buen Camino."

  20. Here is a different marker with a different image of a scallop shell telling pilgrims they are on the right trail.

  21. Here is a yellow arrow and an image of a scallop shell on a marker built into the sidewalk.

  22. Here is a view of Logrono.

  23. Here is a view of a church from a sidewalk in Logrono.

  24. Here is a church in Logrono.

  25. Here is another church in Logrono.

  26. Here is a water fountain in Logrono outside a church. Again, notice the image of the scallop shell.

  27. Here are some sculptures on a church in Logrono.

  28. Here are more sculptures of a church in Logrono.

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