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Day 42: Life after My Camino de Santiago

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

August 30, 2018

Today was a travel day. My flight left Madrid later than scheduled but it arrived at Washington Dulles on time.

The Bernhardt Wealth Management Team

Bonnie met me at the airport and drove me back to the office where I got to spend some time with the team and have the Santiago cake. We took this photo since I am wearing the same shirt and pants as the photo from July 17th in this photo album. I am not sure if you can tell if I lost weight when you compare the two photos or not.

But it was really, really great to see these wonderful people (from left to right, Susan, Tim, Olivia, Bonnie, Solon, me, Cameron, Chay, and Zack). I am extremely grateful to all of them for making the Camino de Santiago possible for me. It is still hard to believe that I left on July 17th and will officially return to the office on September 4th. That means it will be 49 days that I was out of the office. Wow. That would not be possible without these great professionals.

While in the office I did not enter my office. My intent was to see them, share briefly about the the Camino, and share the Santiago cake.

As much as I love these people and love being back, I still miss the Camino. Therefore, it only made sense that I WALK home from the office. Fortunately, I don't live 20 miles from the office. But on the walk home with my backpack I decided to do something else that was part of my Camino. I stopped by the grocery store.

I don't think I mentioned this in my posts but the peaches I had in Spain were delicious at least until before Sarria. Many days I would stop at a Super Mercado to buy some peaches and a cold drink like Powerade or Aquarius. The peaches tasted like they were picked ripe from the tree. They were so sweet to taste. So I would enjoy a cold drink and some peaches on many days before I jumped into the shower and before I hand washed my clothes. So today it felt right to go to the grocery store on my walk home. It ended up being slightly over three miles.

However, I did not hand wash any of my clothes after I got home. ☺

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See additional photos from August 30th below:

Brief descriptions of the photos:

  1. This is a Santiago Cake I brought back from Spain and shared with the Bernhardt Wealth Management team in the office. Notice the Santiago Cross image on the cake.

  2. This is a photo of the Bernhardt Wealth Management team after we had the Santiago cake.

  3. This is one of the things I carried with me in my backpack. The Tiffany & Co. compass was a gift from the Bernhardt Wealth Management team before I left. This was a nonessential item but was important to me since it was a gift from the team. I need to get it polished.

  4. The scallop shell is the symbol of the Camino and virtually every pilgrim will tie a shell to their backpack. To this day I carry a scallop shell on my backpack as I walk in the area or tie it to laptop backpack if I am traveling through an airport. So far it has been recognized by three people with whom I have had some great conversations.

  5. This is "Flat St. James" that was a gift from Lynda Ellis. I did not take a photo of Flat St. James at various locations but it did serve as a bookmark in my small black notebook. Thanks, Lynda!

  6. This is a Santiago Cross I bought before I left. I dipped it in the holy water in the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela.

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